How to get started with TWJ


Our coaches will set up, introduce themselves and each other, chat with the students, and ask questions. After the set up/introduction, the TWJ structure is: warmup, conditioning, stretches, board drills, wall work, stations, standing/running tumbling.  Our coaches are 100% hands on with each student from start to finish. Our coaches spend the sessions moving student’s bodies into specific positions and spotting them. Our #1 goal is to impact, improve, and instill confidence. Our coaching staff reaches each individual student right where they are. It is not uncommon to see a group tumbling session with each student working differently and on a different skill set. 


Our TWJ birthday parties are always a huge hit and so much fun! Our coaches run our birthday parties similar to our tumbling sessions. We pack lots of fun, motivation, and a positive, engaging learning environment into one hour of tumbling. We cater to all levels and abilities. The goal for our birthdays are of course to have fun, but also for all students to walk away learning something new and feeling good about themselves. 


Interested in mobile tumbling sessions or birthday parties? 


Our TWJ day camps fall on most holidays/school closings and typically run from 9AM-3PM. Camp is appropriate for ages 6+ and all levels/abilities. There is no experience needed. Boys are welcome. Our camp learning environment is paced to eliminate too much down time/fool around time, and to maximize confidence, turns, skill sets, breakdown/learning. Camp is contagiously fun and exciting. Your kids will be asking when the next one is. With a wide variety of children, personalities, abilities, and sometimes limitations, we are very aware that all children do not learn in the same way. We make it our mission to individually reach each student right where they are, make tumbling make sense to them, while instilling confidence into them.

Next camp: Black Friday Black Out Camp 11/26, 9am-3pm! Sign up! Limited spots available! 




Our coaching staff travels to your facility, accommodating all levels, ages, and abilities are welcome. No experience needed. We bring air tracks, stereos, and conditioning equipment to keep everyone busy at all times. Tumbling is broken up into levels/abilities. There will be coaching stations, conditioning stations, etc. Our goal is always to maximize the time, number of students, and effectiveness of the time we have with the squads. Coaches, inquire about cheer squad lessons, complete cheer squad information form below.